Monday, December 16, 2013


During this project we had to show time. I decided to use a lighthouse for mine and make my project be a lighthouse being built. I did this by individually drawing out each section of the lighthouse and making it get bigger each time.
I decided to use tracing paper because I had trace over each section and add to it each time, and I didnt want to have to start over each time. I also used a zoetrope to show how my project changed because whenever you spin it, the picture changes and it looks like it is growing causing an illusion and representing time.
In my  project I used a new techinique of showing time because I had never used a zoetrope before.But I like how it turned out and thought it displayed time pretty well.


For my layers project I had a couple ideas. They all were similar because they all involved a balloon. I tried out a couple different options and only a couple of them worked. I first started with modge podging the balloon and using yarn to wrap it but it started to deflate if you didn't use enough modge podge. Then i tried a few more ways at home. I again tried the yarn but i used spray glue in between the layers and it stayed much better. I also tried using colored glue but it just deflated once i popped the balloon so then i finally tried paper macheing it first and it finally worked, and those were my two final ones.
The mediums i chose were yarn and colored glue, but i also tried to use the same colors in both of the balloons which is why they are both blue and green. I chose to use the colored glue because i saw someone else using it in my class and thought it would be interesting to try with my balloon project.
While creating this project I ran into a couple problems with the balloons. With certain methods of covering the balloon whenever i would pop the balloon the whole thing would just deflate with it so i would have to start over. I also ran into a problem with the yarn occasionally because sometimes it would stick to the other pieces of yarn and then the whole thing would fall apart.


This was an intertextuality project. My project displays intertextuality becuase I chose the starbucks logo but instead of the mermaid in the middle I chose Medusa. I chose Medusa because I thought she would be a good fit, she is in ways similar to a mermaid but is also scary which is why I picked her. I also decided to choose a red drink, so that it would in a way portray blood and go along with the theme.
 For this project I decided to try something new, which was my medium. I had never used water colors for an art project before. I chose to use water colors because I thought it would make the liquid in the cup look more realistic, I also wanted to try something new.