Monday, December 16, 2013


For my layers project I had a couple ideas. They all were similar because they all involved a balloon. I tried out a couple different options and only a couple of them worked. I first started with modge podging the balloon and using yarn to wrap it but it started to deflate if you didn't use enough modge podge. Then i tried a few more ways at home. I again tried the yarn but i used spray glue in between the layers and it stayed much better. I also tried using colored glue but it just deflated once i popped the balloon so then i finally tried paper macheing it first and it finally worked, and those were my two final ones.
The mediums i chose were yarn and colored glue, but i also tried to use the same colors in both of the balloons which is why they are both blue and green. I chose to use the colored glue because i saw someone else using it in my class and thought it would be interesting to try with my balloon project.
While creating this project I ran into a couple problems with the balloons. With certain methods of covering the balloon whenever i would pop the balloon the whole thing would just deflate with it so i would have to start over. I also ran into a problem with the yarn occasionally because sometimes it would stick to the other pieces of yarn and then the whole thing would fall apart.

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